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Subscribe to the channel and press go to profiles alright so a profile is already gonna be there you could add multiple profiles so I am going to go to this profile here and I'm gonna rename it so obviously you're going to get a server I'm gonna do nitro for example again if you want BestBuyIPTV  .

welcome to honest Fred's patreon and today I'm gonna show you guys how to set up s DB mu s CB emulator is an emulator that looks like the mag 254 bak i download from the Google Play Store the pro version I also have it in my backup files

for those of you who are in my patreon so you could see the backup file the apk alright so here it is this is what it looks like ok it looks like this so you want to configure it so first thing I do is configure and then I

to see more information about this stuff definitely join me on patreon all of those of you who are my first 500 are going to be able to win this device right here the Nvidia shield the best Android box in the market the Nvidia shield so I'm gonna be

doing a draw if I reach my goal of 500 I'm gonna give one of those guys away alright brand-new unopened with a controller and a remote control alright so use a profile name I'm gonna call it nitro what I suggest you do is next go to your s

DB configuration and on s DB model we're gonna change it to mag 254 alright and then the next thing we're gonna do is go to resolution and change it to auto now this is an important number here your MAC address your MAC address in essence is what you

need to give to your provider alright so without this you can get the service so write this number down and give it to your provider now you can also change it if you choose to you use the combinations of letters and numbers the letters would be will a

b c d e f and the numbers anywhere from zero to nine okay so you could you could do that or if you choose just leave it the way it is I'm gonna change it all right I I typically change it but you don't have to you can

leave it the way it is and just give it to your provider all right so we've done that another thing I like to do is erase the serial number I'm gonna erase the serial number just in case I need to transfer them back onto different advice later on

once you log in for the first time it marries the serial number so I always erase it that's what I do and everything looks good here so let's go back and I'm going to portal settings now once you give your MAC address to the service provider all right

you're going to get a portal URL what this is what you need to enter the portal URL gonna enter it here every host service has their own portal URL okay this is what you're gonna enter whatever they give to you in the instance of nitro it's nitro TV

alright dot four four okay dash dot again it's all gonna be different for every server okay so and if your MAC address isn't registered it's not gonna work okay I'm gonna show you what's gonna look like if it's not registered all right two five four six one four

/c okay so that's the address now very important point I need to point out to you for all the Nvidia shield and me box users every time you put a period it's gonna put a space in between you need to get rid of this space here if you

don't it won't work so make sure you go to the arrows and make sure you get rid of the space by hitting back okay backspace all right now go to the next space here and hit backspace again very important if you don't do that it's not gonna work

now I find this is only for NVIDIA shield and me box if you have any other Android box you don't have to do this usually it doesn't do a space it's because nvidia shield and the me box use android TV operating system alright so i press back on

my controller it looks good and we're pretty much set there so you keep hitting back don't worry the name of the profile will change hit back again what I do is I go to exit alright if your MAC address is registered and you enter it you should be

able to should be able to load up and this is what its gonna look like once it's officially registered the MAC address yeah so here it is you get all your selection right here if your service is not registered your math address is not registered or it expires

this is what it's going to look like all right it's gonna say your SD beat is blocked so that's very important you know that it's not that it's it's actually blocked it simply just not registered so that's a very important fact I need to stress that's how you

set it up guys hope this video was useful if you want to get more information or if you need me to help you out individual please join me on patreon I have a lot of Tears as little as one dollar you could win the Nvidia shield my first

500 patrons you're gonna be entered to win the Nvidia shield if you ever need tech support I got a tear for you I want to come work for you guys I appreciate your support thank you for joining me on patreon hope you enjoy this video honest Fred patreon

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